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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Heating with Cold Air

One device that has proven itself as an economic alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems is a heat pump. Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air on a cold day, and bring it indoors to warm your home. It also works in reverse to make a home cooler.
Heat pumps use electricity to move air. In mild climates, they are the most efficient option, helping to lower utility bills. In temperate regions, a heat pump can reduce electricity bills as much as 35-45%.
Heat pumps are the most economical when they can be used year round. When the outdoor temperature drops below 30 degrees, they must be supplemented with a heating system such as electric heating. Also, when it is below freezing, ice on the coil reduces the system’s efficiency.
A heat pump may cost a bit more to install than a conventional comfort system, so decide the most appropriate system for your home by doing an economic analysis.
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Is Illness in the Air?

When you’re sneezing, nursing a sore throat, possibly even a headache, you just want to curl up at home. However, your home could actually be the source of your symptoms. One of today’s more serious health concerns is air quality inside the home. Be aware of the stuff that’s in your air.
Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. You might not know it’s there, but it’s very dangerous and can cause sudden illness and death. Make sure you have a CO detector, and have your heating system inspected.

Don’t Lose the Air You’ve Paid to Heat

Ducts distribute air throughout your home. But, according to the EPA, about 20% of the air is lost through leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts.
Duct sealing solves this problem, giving you:
Comfort – You’ll be less likely to experience problems like unbalanced heating.
Indoor Air Quality – Reduces opportunities for pollutants to enter your home and risk of a “backdraft” of combustion gases into your living area from gas appliances.
Money – It improves the efficiency of your system, lowering energy bills.
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